best longboard bearings brands

Zealous bearings are one of the best in the bearing niche.It uses a thick nano-ceramic grease as lube.It’s a low maintenance bearings.You might feel that it’s slow.It has built-in style
bearing along with speed ring in both side.This is one of the good one to use in rain because its seals are good and you can reuse with out cleaning.

You need not look for other bearings.An obvious question is why its slow ? Any lube with grease will react slow than one lubed with an oil/cream.This will not be seen until both bearings have been broken inside.So you will fell the slowness at very first time.You can see a round rubber seal in green color.As it’s coated properly it can prevent water,any dirty things entering inside the round.As far as the price is concerned ,its cheap nearly $20.

Bones Super Reds and Bones Bearings Reds.
There are so many bearings available so picking up a skate bearing is a difficult situation like end of a road.Because we feel all do same functionality. Well,If you are a starter,definitely it will be difficult for you to choose the exact one.You don’t need to think twice to choose Bones
REDs. These are the perfect solution for every one.This is the only branded model which is selling hot in the market.Its come up with cheap price, mainly ranges from ($8-$50).

Cheap price
Higher quality steel
Best performance

You can see here both Bones Red and Bones Super Red.Later has superior surface finish compared to former.Super Reds is having superior quality and they are using high quality steel races. Super Red has greater strength and speed compared to bones RED. Why every one loves this because Bones perform very well and lasting long time.

Bones Swiss Ceramics

You are able to see a different level longboard bearing from Bones.If you are looking for the best one it is the one you should have in your skate board.Let us see some of the features here.


These are stronger,lighter and waterproof.
It roll faster.
Nylon ball retainers.
Best performance and durability
This controls dirty things and moisture very well.
Its weight is 2.4 ounces and dimension is 4 x 1.9 x 0.4 inches.
it ride super smooth and real fast.

The best advantage I have seen compared to others the ceramic doesn’t rust while other ball bearings will do and it has less maintenance.If you look at the price you may feel its price is high but if you compare the features it has good potential.We are giving this has the highest rate in all bearing we are described here.