Sector 9 Dropper Review Longboard

sector 9 Dropper
The Good
  • High speed slides with ease.
  • Good for sliding.
  • Good stability.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Ability to do freestyle tricks.
The Bad
  • Grip tape is difficult to clean
  • Bearings are good but not the best option.
  • Not good for advanced tricks

The Sector 9 Dropper is one of those longboards that is highly recommended for beginners. This doesn’t mean that experienced long boarders cannot enjoy it as well, but the features of this board make it very easy for a beginner to master the art of longboarding. In this article, mentions particular features that make this brand one of the best for beginners. Look at the in depth sector 9 dropper reviews here. The following are the features to be considered.



It is important that a beginner has a sturdy board so that they can confidently improve their skill. The dropper has a very low center of gravity with drop though trucks and the deck is firm for a stable ride. The 8 ply maple board can handle just about any normal weight but also provides a degree of flex without compromising the stability.

Smooth Riding

This board was designed especially for long distance cruising and to make that pleasant, it had to be able to provide a smooth ride. There is very little resistance as you ride on this board thanks to the bearings used in the wheels. Even at high speeds, the dropper will maintain the smoothness.


Beginners tend to batter their boards especially as they try to perform tricks on their boards, it is important that they have a board that can take the punishment. This board is heavier than most boards weighing about 9 pounds and is made from maple which adds to its durability.


If you are looking for a reasonably priced board, then this one from Sector 9 is one of the best options. A beginner can enjoy this extreme sport without having to raid their savings to own a longboard and yet the price will not compromise quality so you get value for money. This is one of the cheapest longboards you can find on the market offering this kind of performance.


It is safe to assume that every longboarding enthusiast will want to be able to go fast at some point. Well, this is the perfect board to learn how to deal with speed. With its low center of gravity and absence of wobbling at high speeds, this board will help any beginner handle a downhill slide with confidence. The wheels and bearings are designed to give the longboarder controlled speeds so it will not go too fast. The amazing thing about the sector 9 dropper is that even if it does not wobble, it is still able to take curves quite well.


If you want to learn a few manoeuvres, then the dropper’s nose and tail kick will help you achieve that. It may take a bit of practice to be able to perform certain freestyle tricks and this board is equipped to perform a number of tricks including dancing and other longboard tricks, it is just a matter of learning how to position yourself so that you do not lose balance.


This board was designed for sliding and will give any beginner a very good performance in this department. The wheels and bearings were adapted to sliding so even without making any modifications, this board is ready for sliding from the moment you get it out of the box.

These are the main features that will make the Sector 9 dropper a good fit for beginners.


– It weighs 9 pounds

– Has ABEC 5 PDP Bearings

– Drop through mount

– Width of 9.6 inches

– Length of 41.8 inches

– 29-inch wheelbase

– 10 inch Gullwing Charger trucks

– Drop through trucks

– 70mm 80a butterball slide wheel

– 3200 Jessup Grip tape

– Multicolored deck

– Truss Hardened steel bolts

Below are the drawbacks

It is important also to note that when performing tricks, this board is not suited for high impact tricks as it does not have that much flex and shock pads. Trying to perform high impact man-oeuvres may result in stress fractures.


All in all, the Sector 9 Dropper is a fun board designed for sliding and downhill rides so it has something to offer anyone of whatever level you may be. Its greatest appeal for beginners is the stability it provides which is very important in raising confidence and ensuring a level of safety. Speaking of safety, beginners, just like any other long-boarder, should always remember to wear their safety gear before they get onto a longboard.