Best Penny Nickel Skateboard Reviews

In order to beat boredom, enjoy weekends fully, stay fit and healthy, and have as much fun as possible, an outdoor skating board that is easy to maneuver; durable, flexible, and portable is by all means indispensable.The Penny Nickel Skateboard is designed to deliver the aforementioned and even more results. Its elegant features, technical specifications, benefits, and shortcomings form the basis of the proceeding review:

Features and Technical Specifications

The following are the most notable features and technical specifications of the Penny Nickel Skateboard:

· Product Dimensions: 29 inches long by 10 inches wide by 8 inches wide

· Product Weight: 8 pounds (3.6 kg)

· Penny plastic cruiser

· Penny Abec7 bearings

· Matching 4 inches powder-coated penny trucks

· Blue/black transparent swirl 59mm 78A super-smooth penny wheels,

· Color coded high tensile bolts

· Blue/Black color-way

· Secret plastic formula


The use of the Penny Nickel Skateboard confers the following benefits and advantages upon its users:

· Excellent Results and Performance: This skating board delivers very excellent performance and results indeed. This is brought about by a confluence of factors key among them being the existence of super soft wheels that seamless transport the board as and when needed; high tensile bolts which maintain a tight grip on all the constituent parts and hence ensure smooth motion; and bearings that see to it that as minimal friction as possible is generated by the various movable parts.

· Compact Size: The board has a very compact size measuring around 29 inches long by 10 inches wide by 8 inches wide and weighing only 8 pounds (3.6 kg). This calls for very limited storage space on the part of the users.

· Portability: The board is extremely light in weight. It has a weight of around 8 pounds (3.6 kg). It does not therefore exert unnecessary drag on the users and hence makes it quite easy to steer around as desired.

· Durability: The board is made of very strong, long-lasting and durable parts such as high performance aluminum trucks. This calls for less maintenance costs as well as frequent purchase of brand new skate boards every quite often. Users are thus guaranteed of very high returns to money invested in the long run.

· Versatility: The skating board is suited for a variety of trails such as sidewalks, open field, beaches, streets, and indeed, more besides. Its possession therefore negates the need to acquire several more or less similar equipment at the same time to suit varied trails, a fact that not only means added convenience but also more savings of money to the users.

· Strength and Flexibility: This skating board is designed and made in such a manner as to deliver strength and flexibility. It is made of great plastic which offers more strength without necessarily compromising the flexibility of the board.

· Ease of Maintenance and Use: This skating board is very easy to use and maintain. It is already assembled at the point of manufacture and hence does not require any technical expertise on the parts of the users to assemble. Moreover, its strong and durable components are very resistant to warps, corrosion, and breakages which make it quite easy to maintain.

· Affordability: Its actual price without putting into consideration the potential benefits that users may derive out of it is reasonably cheap. It is thus within the easy reach of almost every other potential user who may be in need of it.

· Ease of Maneuverability: This skating board is very easy to maneuver due to the existence of seven high-speed stainless steel bearings that make the task of turning it round and about the desired direction a very simple undertaking. It is hence suitable for use in congested areas where maneuverability is an issue.


Below is the most significant shortcoming of the Penny Nickel Skateboard:

· Cost: The cost of the skating board is way too prohibitive when weighed against the potential benefits that users stand to derive from it.

Final Verdict

Notwithstanding the aforementioned shortcoming, the Penny Nickel Skateboard is still the board of choice owing to the fact that it does embody all the crucial attributes of the ideal skating board in one compact, easy to maneuver, and comprehensive package. It is that type of board that the lovers of outdoor activities have no choice but to incorporate as a core part and parcel of their sporting equipment collections.