Longboard For Girls – Best Longboard For Beginners Girl

Is there any longboards for girls ? its a tough question and this site is ready to give some information which is good for you.Girls need good board based on the style and their body types.We have got some best longboards for girls here. Do you think any difference between girls and boys board.Basically girls can ride any longboard a boy can.You can understand all buying tips from here which is related to deck,wheels,trucks etc.Even Though you are looking for boards but getting complete components idea which helps a better understanding and helps to purchase better longboards easily.


Best longboards for girls – complete beginners buying guide

You should be aware some important points even if a beginner or an expert rider.You should look for following qualities before purchasing a board.The very first point is its durability.The second point you need to aware is that the bearing smoothness.The third one is which type of longboard is good for each situation such as downhill,Craving,Free- riding,Dancing etc and finally small wheel size is better.You also must check whether its stable or not and your height and weight should not be a matter while picking up the longboard.

Longboards for girls – Cruising

Those who are looking for cruising the following factors should be kept in mind.Wide deck,Large soft wheels and nice trucks.if the longboard is heavy then its best for cruising.As I have mentioned earlier the softness of wheel depends on the bearings you are being used and the oil you are going to choose inside the bearings.We recommend the Bones bears cream for better smoothness even though you have best bearings on your board.This is often missed by many beginners and experienced riders and buying costly bearings always.As we know that the board are not purely gender based.We can look for a 36 inches good board.The second point is its decks.Usually a deck average is between 30 and 60 inches.But how do we decide which is the best one going to suit for us.The formula is simple.The rule is the board must not be taller than you.For shorter side always look for a shorter deck for a better grip and control.

We have put up some of the best options which is going to explore your longboard experience.You get some well known products from the below comparison table.

some products here from amazon….
Longboards for Carving ( girls section)
it’s a common style of longboarding with girls.These are more flexible and decks can be made from fiber glass or wood.Look at these styles from below table.
here goes…

Longboards For Girls For Down Hill

Here also decks are important.You can choose any deck for downhill race but some models are apt than others.Top mount deck is the best option for getting into the downhill area.You can ofcourse a question may arise in mind, which is the best deck style ? We suggest drop through deck style is the best option for a beginning downhill rider.Now for Deck dimensions,the length should be the range of 27-43 inches.This will be best deal for downhill.We recommend  beginners should stick on longer boards.In nutshell 9-10.5 inches length range is totally  acceptable.Also you should check for a truck which is going to handle high speed.I would say reverse kingpin is the correct choice,As it can turn smoothly.The next factor is width of the  truck.It should be close to the width of the deck so getting a good performance. wheels in the 70-75mm diameter range is the ideal size for a downhill rider.

Longboards For Freeriding ( girls section)

Freeriding belongs to all sliding tricks and style.We suggest drop-through and drop-platform decks is the best choice for getting into the freeride cart.Drop throgth or platform which is the best option.We suggest drop-platform decks for starters and drop-through for intermediate and experts.Decks length range is 38-42″ will be best for freeride.Reverse Kingpin Trucks is the best one for trucks.Let’s see some of the best longboard in this section below.