Drop through longboard decks – Top 5


A long-board is no longer just a plank of wood with wheels anymore. There is a lot more that goes into modern day long-boards than meets the eye; a lot more detail and precision technology goes into today’s long-board deck. Long-boards come in different shapes, builds, and features and they are all designed for a wide range of riding styles and abilities.

The drop through long-board design is a popular build for boards where the board’s ends are higher than the middle section. So what makes this particular board design so popular and great? Sit back, relax, read and learn about what makes drop through long-boards so awesome!

Benefits & Advantages of drop-through longboard decks

If you have ever had the wobbles when cruising downhill, then you know that it is pretty scary when your board seems to be shaking uncontrollably causing your legs to shake with it. A drop-through deck offers a more stable center of gravity for the rider since the deck sits closer to the ground.

The design also gives your feet more reference points while on the board. Your feet are able to feel their way around the board and so you will realize that you do not have to look down very often. For a rider, grasping the feel of your board is one of the key things in mastering longboarding especially if you want to cruise downhill.

If that is not amazing enough, it comes in different designs. The drop-through deck can be mounted the normal way where the lower mid-section is underneath the deck or in the case of a top mount ride, the lower segments can be on the sides of the deck. This gives you as the rider, the option of choosing from some of the coolest longboarding designs. If you are aching to try out downhill racing for the first time or seeking to be a pro at it, drop-through longboard decks are definitely the way to go.


To kick this off, a long-board with a drop down design is amazingly stable. This is primarily because the middle segment is lower than either ends, this design creates a “cradling effect” that safeguards riders from speed wobbles as they cruise downhill. When riding a top-mounted board, most of the time it feels unstable like riding on a tight rope, the rider feels as if leaning too far would result in tipping over especially when riding downhill.

This board is close to the ground, therefore pushing and foot braking is easier because your foot does not need to go far to reach the ground. This makes the dropdown design ideal for long distance commuting and trail riding.

On account of the dropdown middle section, riders can get a very secure grip on the board which makes it easy to initiate and control slides. Gripping of the board gives the rider enough leverage and traction when it comes to taking hard corners.

This deck design also has less flex than other board designs such as the top mount. This is due to the fact that most drop-down long-boards are built from hard wood such as maple unlike other board designs which at times use bamboo for instance the Loaded Flex 3.


The lower mid-section design means an increase in cases of bottoming out. Even though this is not an issue with regular riding, if you attempt to go off a sidewalk or a bump while riding in the city, the board will bottom out on you and stop abruptly.

This design requires stiff trucks since the trucks support the main weight of the deck and the rider. This inevitably makes it harder to make sharp corners, unless the rider commits to gripping the board in order to have leverage when making sharp turns.

Different drop-through long-board decks brands

In case you are looking for a drop through long board, the first and most important question you need to ask yourself is what is your ability level? There are long-boards designed for each level of riding. A board’s mounting type, shape and flex mostly depend on the rider’s style of riding and ability. There are various drop-through long-board deck design brands which include:

Punked Low rider

The board is amazingly stable and the grip on the board is fantastic. However if you are a light rider, the board does not maneuver easily. The bushings are hard plastic, which means they are durable however it makes turning a lot more difficult. On the brighter side, you can get bushings with lower durability but which enable you to increase your maneuverability.

Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta drop-through Cruzer

If you are looking for a Rastafarian-styled board then this is your kind of board. This long-board is designed in Rastafarian-inspired colors and constructed with 180mm trucks along with a 75mm Road Rider. The board combines subtle design with high end performance that is highly appealing.

Rimable drop-through Board

The bearings of this board are great. The deck is made of high quality maple hence durable. The deck also has a lot of grip tape which is helpful for traction during tight turns and adds an appealing design to the board.

Sector 9 Blue Wave drop-through Board

The board has the perfect W concave. It has two radial concave on the same deck resulting in a center line which acts like a pivot point for the rider’s foot. This board is for those riders that need the ultimate precision and quick maneuverability. Most beginners also prefer this board because of its stability and ability to cruise and maneuver easily.

Atom Drop Deck (41-Inch)

This brand has a distinctive perimeter shape that gives 9.6 inches of leverage through every turn, while at the same time eradicating wheel bite. The design takes wear and tear out of commuting around town.


Generally, the drop down design is a very stable design for long-boards. It is the ideal substitute to the more traditional long-board designs and has many benefits that make it ideal for downhill and sliding long-boards. The drop down design enhances stability of the board and decreases fatigue when pushing or breaking since you need to drop your foot through a lesser distance in order to make contact with the ground. These board designs are great for long-distance commuting, free ride and downhill riding styles for both beginners and pros.