How to Choose the best longboard slide gloves

If you are into longboard ride this guide helps you to get best sliding gloves into your bag. you are getting very good quality of protective golves from here.Choosing the best longboard slide gloves is an Himalayan task.Gloves are necessary for all riders.If we haven’t got the right one again we will have to purchase another set from the shop.its a well known truth that the wonders are not possible without a proper slide gloves.AS we know the gloves gives proper control for you at longboard ride.We can do whatever tricks and wonders in the board with our footwork.But its not possible to do the sexy tricks and sliding in more professional way without a glove.Most of the times if you are going to do alone with your foot,that will be awkward and tends to dangerous riding.If you want to control the longboards in a superman fashion and wanted to ride in a safer way,you are at the right place to get the good sliding gloves.

How good are Sliding gloves ?

Do you think we can stop the longboard just with our foot alone ? its not possible always.Well,you can stop the board in a fashioned way if you have gloves.Sliding
gloves are must for each and every riders especially for freeiders and downhill riders.If you want to do more advanced longboarding technical tricks,you require sliding gloves to do it in a better way.But remember that if you are into just transportation,I don’t suggest to use gloves.All other situation you should have a pair with you.Why everyone around the world has been attracted by a longboard ? With out any doubt,we can say that ,it helps to do the tricks in a better way compared to other outdoor sport activities.We can ride at good speed ( say 100 Km/h) and enjoy the riding but we should not forget about the safety.If we want to stop the board at once,its not possible at this speed with just our foots we need something that can reduce the speed all of sudden.This is where our gloves comes into rescue.Not only
this but also helps the fingers from cramping,swelling and cuts.

How to pick up right gloves ?

Are you ready to take your longboard ridding journey to next level ?.Its the right time to choose a good pair of slide gloves.As I have mentioned early its not only protects your fingers/palms but also offer a fashionable ride.Basically there are 2 types of gloves.One is softer and second one is tough full leathers.While picking the gloves you need to ware about Pucks.This is the area which come in contact worth ground always.How to get a good pucks ? please don’t choose soft pucks that are not good and easy to wear out. we have some prominent sliding gears  here for you.

We have chosen best top three slide gloves here for you.

Loaded Longboard Freeride Slide Gloves V6.

This one is the true leader in longboard riding industry.This gives superior quality and truly saves your hand from injuries.The finger pucks are great.This is the sixth version from the manufacturer and they have gained good trust in its customers and the quality has improved a lot from the older version.This has been made on nylon construction.It’s 100% original No animal skin is used to create the gloves.

Triple 8 Sliders Downhill Glove

This offers ultimate comfort and security for all of your longboard needs.These are providing good movement of fingers, good grips.It also provides short cuff for better support.Its pucks are great.The Velcro is stitched well and this helps to last long time.The Best feature I like , This one doesn’t drag me to stop.yes this is one of the reason I told you this is the good one in the market.These gloves have a large palm puck.The features provided by this are matchless

Check below some of the key features

  1. You are getting breath-ability inside the glove.
    Very easy to wear.
    Light weight.
    This is available in different size.
    Best fit.
    This is created from quality fabric.

Sector 9 BHNC Slide Glove

The best lightweight and comfortable brands.They always provide classic design and has not been attracted by many riders.It has only one central puck.It is very tight but may loose after some riding.