What are the inexpensive surfboards available in market for a perfect surfboard ride ? If you are looking for cheap surfboards that catches good waves, good safety, good designs and good life span, there are best surfboard brands choices out there which are really inexpensive. This cost between 70$ and 300$, I think these surf boards are really affordable.These cheap surfboards are available in various shapes and features. You may want to try out these budget surfboards for best performance and safety.I hope you can easily figure it out which is best cheap surfboards from this page.

Here is our well known 5 best cheap surfboards to buy in 2015. Some of the list here was made based on the reviews of verified surfboard purchasers from Amazon, eBay and many other well known websites. All these are from different brands in the surfboard world. You can also read best tips and instructions while you read this post. Finally, you will be getting a surfboard which is well know in market and moreover It is cheaper and will suit for your surfing conditions and taste. If you haven’t yet tried these well known boards yet, you can look the details from below. All these cheap surfboards for sale  online in below list.

North Gear 6ft Foam Surfboard ( free shipping)

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This is a colorful foam surfboard from North Gear and as the title suggest it’s a 6 feet surfboard.This is one of the great starter boards and these board will be attracted by your kids and experienced riders.I purchased this for my 8 year old as a birthday gift and also we bought a fins along with board to get good speed and company support is amazing and My children really enjoyed these boards on waves and I really recommend this board and this is affordable to every one.As I have purchased this surfboard, I am aware of what are the negative side of this board.The board has any issues in the initial month but I noticed that the color is fading in later stage and some of the color in the top deck weared off. Apart from this issues, I didn’t got any other problem and We really enjoyed the vacation in California beach with this board.

Zeny® New 6′ Foamie Board Surfboard ( free shipping)

This is the another board which is available here and its really cheap and can be afforded by every one( I remember its price is around $79 + Free shipping).When my kids surfing on previous board, one of friend who is surfing on these great board advised me to check out its features. I came to know about this board from his mouth.I met him when we were in Florida for a trip and I love Florida beaches.Its a great board every one but not a professional board, I also can say its a hybrid board but more than a body board. As the price tells, Its very cheaper board compared to my professional board.

My friend got this board in a cute cardboard box.The package was safe 100%.As the name suggest, this has been made from foam and its has only 10 LBS.We found that its lightweight. and very easy to use.The box is having surfboard,fins and strap.Keep in mind that this board will not be replaced by any other professional board.The biggest advantage We have found on these boards are, these kind of boards has good size and you can use as a beater board.

If you are not ready to spent out dollars but if you want to know the real thrilling, you can just check out this great board.
Best Choice Products® New 6′ Foamie Board Surfboard. (Price:$94.95 & FREE Shipping)
When I was running short of money, I was not in a position to buy my professional board as I have mentioned earlier. Before buying my professional board, My 10 year old wanted to go for a surf camp and they have advised to use boards which are under 100 dollars because of their rules in the camp but If I have money I can choose more options and I have decided to stick with this board.I normally went to amazon and this board was shown in search results. It was a 50-50 chance when I was bought this board ,because I had no idea about this board earlier. As this is cheaper I decided to buy straight away. My daughter has used 8 feet board earlier and she used this board first time.

We have noticed that the board is lighter and learning curve is not that much difficult and its a perfect for every one who just starting to surfboard sports.I got a good board which was affordable by me.If you are above 175 Lbs, please don’t buy this board.I really liked the weight and shape of the board.My kid told me its easy to control and won’t cut if some one tries to hit you in waves. The board will beat all boogie boards. You will never get this type of cheap boards. I also noticed that when I visited Florida, the surfboard rental shop giving this board for a week at the price of $100. Anyway I noticed this is a solid board,very durable, great for every starters in surfboard sports, has traction pad and you can remove the fins and easy for transportation.The boards available in two colors and the price is same for two variations.

6.1 ft Hard Slick Bottom Surf Board.($69.95 + $29.95 shipping)
We are next going to see a board which is suitable for 13+ years old.The big feature of this board is, it has soft XPE riding surface which enables an extra traction and safety while you ride on surfboard.It also has EPS,HDPE and XPE.The EPS provides rigidity and XPE gives softness and HDPE for a good speed.The manufactures says 13+ but I have seen under 13 year old also using this board.If you want to just start on board, its a great cheap surfboard.