Bones speed cream for longboards

Its a high temprature and low viscosity lubricant by Bones®. AS a longboard rider,I hope you have heard about the bones speed cream. You might have used local oil earlier to speed up and messed up with dirt and found some issues like bones part become red. If you are a kind of person looking for quality stuff,this is for you.One of my friend is a long time user of this lubricant for bearings.He used to stake 200 miles a month.It has given the best result and helped him to last up to 100 miles between cleaning and re lube. I would say that, you do not purchase bearings with out this.

You can definitely notice the speed increase and smoothness and also you can double the run time.Another advantage is,it helps post cleaning of bearings.Another thing should be noticed here that,your long board might be on side for a couple of month due to snowy season conditions or you are not using your board for a while. But when you are free to ride the board you may notice that your board bearings were clogged up and not able to use that on the road because of above conditions.I would say just add a few drops of this and you can see the magics and will definitively run smoothly. This all in one good for any brands you go with.

Bones speed good for my Longboard ?

I don’t know,you are being used White Lithium Grease for longboards. I have seen lot of riders used and found Bones® is good for them.By using these kind of lubricants after some time bearing naturally lose few of the lubrication.This tends to friction inside your bearings. The next factor you should be aware about’s a big issue and can turn to bad experiencing while you ride.Once it is inside you can hear he shattering sound and you are being loose that perfectness provided by the wheel and longboard. you feel like you are riding through a bad road.

I have already described some of the bad experience you should be aware that by not using lubricant.There is no need of buying high quality bearings in order to get smoothness on the board.You will definitely get all the benefits from this.Even if you use some expensive bearings you need this to maintain its performance.My readers kindly note that even though its known as cream, basically its an oil.its not thick and little bit drop can make old bearings as new

How to Clean longboard Bearings ?

Of course, there is a question arise in your mind how to apply oil inside.Just follow some simple steps and watch the below video.You need to remove the skate bearings but note that it can be done without removing but you cannot clean properly.please do not wear your good dress.Make sure its outside of your room or house and add some towels or waste paper.

As a second step just remove the shield.All is having shields that you need to take out with a pin or something similar to this.You should do this by not forcing thus allow to not damage the bearings.You can see some blackish and nasty muck coming out from the bearings.So you really need a cleaner to clean this.

Now just add 1 or 2 drops of Bones speed oil.This helps to spin it freely.

Final verdict

Have you done cleaning your longboards bearing ? Lube up with this standard and high performance cream/oil. A simple drop can change the life of your riding experience totally.From bottom line its a great product and good choice.
it is
1) Super Fast
2) Rust Resistant
3) Reduces Wear
4) Long Lasting