Biltin bearings review

You have heard about bearings but what is Biltin bearings ?
what is the exact difference ? How good these are ? Does it worth or another crap product ? Well before we jump into detailed analysis let’s discuss about the primary difference
between bearings and biltin bearings.These are not made like normal longboard bearings.Its entirely different from our old bearings.It provides more solid strength. and their interactive
design gives us the best usage and allows it to use for long period of time.

You might not have realised yet about this.I am a fan of Bones Bearings and not against to this.You will feel a real difference by choosing Biltin compared to former.I hope you
have heard about ABEC rating. it has Abec 7 rated.
One of the main advantage is it has less amount of maintenance.Are you a lazy person who don’t wish to spend more time in removing,fixing etc but a ride pro ? If you belongs to
this group,its the option for you.Please note that it doesn’t mean it has no quality because everything get as easy as possible that’s it!!!.The real beauty is It has Built-In
spacers. I hope most of them are aware of the theory behind the Spacers and what performance it gives and I believe you are aware about the installation process but for beginners these should be explained.

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It can handle side loads very effectively.It has been developed in order to handle this.This has been coined by World champion Chris.He realized the importance and usage of wheel cores and bearings while developing high traction wheels.He was able to properly integrate this.The result was Biltin Bearings and helped to keep the wheel at ground level.

If you have ever tried to fit new bearings inside the wheels,you have seen that each wheel needs 2 goes to inside of the wheel and second to the outside of the wheel.The bearings are properly fit inside the longboard wheels and also it has divots which helps to keep bearing going inside.The bearing spacer helps to achieve this.This has integrated precision washers on the outside and 2 perfect half-spacers on the inside.just make sure its available with your package. Just tighten the nuts and this helps super fast.Normaly all spacers inch are either 0.4 or 10.16mm (industry standard).Just make sure it has exact size other wise it will cause damage to bearing area.
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So,what do you think ? Final verdict ?

I personally would not choose any other bearings as these are smooth and help me to change the wheel easily.The main issue I have found with this is, they become rust.It’s a major issue at
snowy and rainy season and the cost is little high compared to normal bearings.I also forgot to mention that this is the only bearing that can be installed with almost any other
longboard or skataboard.Its compatible!!!.And also you don’t need to worry about the little parts because all are in built and you can forget about the lengthy installation process.This makes your bearings super fast and wheel swapping easy.

Get the best bearings which makes your life smoother and also the longboard ride.Say good bye to ring wahsers.I am sure that you don’t need to think twice to buy these pairs and this will last you longggggggggg longggg time.

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How to clean your Biltin Bearings. Watch this video.