Best surfboards for beginners

Surfboards for beginners should have good features and you should have good knowledge on surfboards. How to choose best surfboards for beginners ?. If you are not able to analyse on proper boards, you will be in trouble to learn new skills and wasting your money on unwanted surfboards.In nutshell, you should have proper look on its volume,height and width.As a beginner you should have these features in your mind. Let’s have an analysis on best surfboards below. All the below  beginner surfboard was picked on the basis of 2015 rating and all these surfboards have a good leadership in surfboard industry.

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Eden surfboard Longboard by Greco Surf
This is the best surfboard for beginners.You may get a feel of longboard while you ride on these surfboards.It has 92.4 volume,17 lbs weight,double reinforced,internal epoxy core,rail server. The best feature I like, It has rounded edge which is good for security and these boards has been built with fiberglass and nylon.

This board cannot be used as paddle board for adults. That means Adults can’t use this board as stand up board.I am above 6 feet and around 250 pounds and I am able to use this board very well and catch lot of waves.Another great feature is company support and when I had a doubt, I just emailed and got instant reply from their technical support.I am sure that this is a great product for your family. Overall its a great surfboard who are just starting on surfboard and trying to learn new tricks.

Body Glove Soft Surfboard
This is one of the best model GloveSoft has ever created in their surfboard history.This has been built with expanded polystyrene core and 3 laminated wood stringers.Some notable features are it has 3 Fins,Slick bottom,lighter board and WBS top Deck.This surfboard available in Blue color and its height is 5 by 22.6 by 97 inches and 13.7 pounds.If you want to just enjoy your riding on waves, this is a perfect board and I recommend this to every beginners on surfboard industry.

Another great surfboard for beginners and its dimension is 8 by 23 by 2.7″ and has 72.9 volume and it comes with 8′ high end leash.It also giving internal epoxy system and has 4 fins available.All beginners love these surfboards and expert surfers also use daily. Greco enabled surf respired technology on these boards and Closed cell EPS available inside.

I have bought this for my 8 year old and he loves on these board and look and feel is great and customer service is excellent.My kid is able to turn properly and learned to surf the waves. All in all , I can say its a great board for every beginners and intermediate surf riders.I felt this is better than other Wave storm boards.

BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard
Its a great surfboard for beginners and intermediate surfers.I have used these surfboards and my younger kid loves this board.Its very easy to ride and as far as performance is concerned its performance is perfect and I am sure you will love it once you started to ride on these boards.It has a perfect combination of stability and you can get the stability of longboards on these surf boards.

I have found these boards are durable and bullet proof construction for a strong.These board is having 3D Pad so that this won’t be damaged.There are so many series available for BIC sport. They are DURA-TEC SUP Series,ACE-TEC ‘Classic’ Series,SUP SOFT 10’6,ACE-TEC ‘CROSS’ 10′,ACE-TEC ‘WING’ Series and SUP AIR Inflatable Series. If you are new to surfing you can check all these boards and these are great for every one including beginners.You can choose BIc sport board as your first surfboard and I am sure it will last for long time.You can choose any series of board from above list.

Liquid Shredder FSE Surf Board
This is my next surfing board which I am planning to buy which got lot of lovers and positive reply from surfboard experts. This is a great surfboard for beginners. kids and experienced surfers.It’s having 6X20X2.5 inch width and having capacity of 95 Lbs.Its a great news for experienced riders.I noticed that its having EPE foam deck and having great stiffness.The company also gives us 90 days Warranty and this surfboard is cost effective compared to above all surfboard brands.

Look at great features below

1.Expanded PolyStyrene foam.
2.High density Polyethylene slick.
3.Best performance.
4. Light Weight surfboard.
5.Beautiful Board.

If you are able to stand up on these boards, then you will be getting all tips automatically on this perfect board. What I mean, its very easy and good news for kids.

Keeper Sports Surfboard
This board is supported by California Board Company 7 and this board is for 160 LBs
maximum.It is not recommended for above 160 Lbs.This board also having fins and you
get while you purchase these boards.If you are absolute beginner and have no idea about surfboards, you can choose this as your very first surfboard. It’s a soft board. Its having 11.05 pounds and 85.5 x 21.75 x 5.5 inches. This comes in Blue color.It is tri fin system.By the way, I would like to remember you that you should not choose smaller boards as its difficult to learn. If you are just starting you can go ahead with this board.

BZ 8′ EPS Surfboards
This board has been created with best quality expanded polystyrene foam.Some of its features are

1. 8 foot board
2. Assorted colors available
3. Heat laminated EPS foam
4. A person with 270 pounds can ride on these surfboards.

This is the best beginner surfboards you can grab today.