best surfboard brands in 2015

There are so many best surfboard brands available in market which is good and worst. Its difficult to find. There is no straight answer for best surfboard brand but we have best answer based on real riders ratings. You should try with smaller, carvier, thicker, wider and bigger boards to get perfect riding experience. Here we are going to give best resource list for you today. You should also invest in fins. That means you are going to change the boards shape.We have Channel Islands,Rusty boards,Robert August surfboards, Santa Cruz surfboards and Surftech McTavish Fireball surfboards. These are the best selling surfboard brands in 2015. If you have huge surfboards in hand, you will be in trouble and which one you should pick up.The below list is created on the basis of real surfers ratings and reviews.Check below list for finding best resource and good price.You can also find in detail description under this list where we have given best features of each surfboards.

Surftech Channel Islands Caddi Paddle Surfboards
This has got No:1 rank in our list. Its the most durable surfboard which we have seen  ever.It has been noted that many brands copied the design to make surfboards. It’s very lighter and stronger.This board use EPS core.The biggest advantage by using this board is, you can use Channel Islands surfboards in any wave conditions. I can say its an al-around surfing board and best surfboard brand.If you are looking for long paddles, this is a perfect choice for you.

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Rusty Wtf Surfboard – White
Its dimensions are 5’10 by 19.50″ by 2.43″. It contains 28.8 Volume.One of the best feature is this provides a perfect drive from the bottom area and releasing from top quickly.Its tail are winged swallow.Good in all conditions.Always check perfect size.I use Rusty and I am 5’6 and 125 lbs, In first look it looks like volume is at lower side but extra height is good for me.

fast and smooth transition

Some issues seen in hollow waves

Robert August Longboard Surfboard – surftech
Have you watched “The Endless Summer” movie ? Robert is one of the stars in this movie and the nickname has been given to this board.This board is having 60 by 40 rail configuration to get good speed and gives easy turning.This board has been created with tuflite Surftechs. You are getting best performance and durability on this board and also this board supports FCS brand fins.

Its package height is 15 by 15 by 20 inches.Its available in white,blue and yellow.It has 25 pounds weight.

You can use this in every kind of waving without any doubt.You can catch each waves with out much effort.You can use this board as a classic and a progressive board.I would say this is perfect for nose riding and best cutbacks.This is best for your personal use.

Santa Cruz Fang Deck Surfboard
I hope you have heard about Santa Cruz. They have designed each boards with special smooth effect and you get stylish surfing on the board.It has wider outlines and good curve which helps the tail and noses.You are getting all the natural feeling of your old board and also the effect of composite board on this special board.

Santa Cruz has been in this industry for 40 years and this experience really helped to create quality boards for us.This available only in two colors variations such as Blk and white.Its dimension is 4 by 22.5 by 74.25 inches and weight is just 17 pounds.It has Wing Bat Tail (Feature).

This platinum board today offers a free board bag and future Fins along with this board.Keep in mind that this is not your average board or average joe. We are all looking for new modern design on this period that is the main reason Santa Cruz brands exist in the market and providing great performance surfer boards at all level of surfers.They have applied new technology to create Fang Deck.These model has been inspired from Ozzie models and this provides best look and feel of board.As I have mentioned, they have applied ‘unbreakable technology’ on these surfboards and all surfers like these concept now a days.This come up with 5 fin box get pure fun on Santa Cruz Surfboards.This board was designed by Chris Gallagher.Check below the suggested rider weights and skill level.

Expert level: 165 – 180 LBS.
Intermediate: 150 – 160 LBS
Novice: 145 LBS. and under.

You can also check Santa Cruz White Pumpkin Seed Surfboard.

Surftech McTavish Fireball EVOII TLPC Surfboard
This great board has been developed by giving best technology line up.The designers
created this board for best performance. Let’s look some of the best features.

1. It has three Fcs
2. It come up with Rounded tail.
3. This board is for Intermediate and Expert skill level riders.
4. You can catch Ankle to overhead wave ( wave size)
5. This boards dimension is 9’1- 9’6 by 22.8″
6. Volume is 66.2L

All the boards is being developed by Surf Tech with the help of worlds best surfers. They get best idea,technology and consultant from word class surfers.This includes Josh Kerr,Shane Dorian and many others. You can see latest TL2 technology on every boards.

We have listed worlds top surfboards brands  list here and if you have not yet tried these brands in 2015, You should try these surfboards in this year. You can get all the products for the best price from the market and we have come up with best sellers brands in this list.