Your Essential Guide to the Best of Sector nine Longboards

Sector 9 is a company which has stamped its authority in the skateboard market, offering a variety of longboards to suit every riding style, budget and experience level. The company also sells all manner of longboard accessories and parts including decks, wheels, trucks and even skateboarding apparel. It is a one-stop shop for both amateur and professional skateboarders. This detailed review offers a glance of the most popular Sector Nine longboards and accessories.

Downhill Sector 9 Boards
The Sector 9 Longboards DownHill Division (DHD) currently boasts eighteen different products including complete longboard sets as well as accessories. Each of the longboards in the series are made of 9-ply maple wood veneers to guarantee strength and flexibility under shear stresses. You have a choice of both hourglass and concave shaped longboards from this series. The wheels range from 65 to 72 millimeter sizes but all come with black ball ceramic bearings for easy maneuverability as well as effortless acceleration and braking.

Sector 9 Glow Series
Bold and dashing in appearance, the Glow Series is a youthful line of longboard skates from Sector 9. The company has joined hands with Sunset, incorporating the latter’s Flare LED wheels to bring you a set of skateboards which literally light up the night. The inbuilt LED lights are designed to light up for an incredible 100,000 hours. The boards themselves are also emblazoned with colorful graphics in glow-in-the-dark paint. The longboards also include plenty of leverage and wheels placed at the very end of the deck, a deliberate design to make them ideal for carving and commuter skating.

Sidewinder Series
Sector 9’s range of Sidewinder longboards are designed to deliver easy, even exaggerated turning, making it effortless to maneuver through tight spaces. All the longboards in the series boast the Gullwing 9″ Sidewinder II trucks. Featuring a double kingpin’ setup, the Sector 9 Sidewinder longboards steer far better than regular skateboards, giving back double the rebound and tightening the radius of your turns smoothly. It is the closest you will ever get to surfing on the sidewalk.

Bamboo Series
All the longboards in Sector 9’s Bamboo Series feature 100% bamboo boards. The motivation behind the use of bamboo in place of the more customary maple wood multi-ply veneers is two fold. To begin with, bamboo is a much more environmentally friendly material than any form of wood. Bamboo is a form of grass and typically grows four feet in a week, making it easy to replenish used up supplies. Growing bamboo too has very limited effect on the environment. Secondly, longboards made from bamboo are not only very lightweight but also durable and flexible. Each of the longboards in the Bamboo Series is made of a 5 ply vertically laminated bamboo board. To ensure that any skater who has a commitment to environmental responsibility has a choice, the Bamboo Series includes boards to cater for every style of riding.

Platinum Series
The Platinum Series is the premium selection of Sector 9 skateboards. They combine superior workmanship and the best components to deliver the best possible experience for elite skateboarders. The longboards do not share any one common feature as they are all optimized for different riding styles. Whether you prefer sliding, riding, carving or cruising you are certain to find a perfectly honed longboard from the Platinum Series. There are nine boards in this top-line series and each one is designed to allow the skater to set their own limits without worrying about speeds or dips in performance.

Sector 9 Wheels
The Sector 9 catalog of products includes a wide range of longboard wheels suitable for every kind of riding. Whether you are looking for wheels that offer effortless turning and acceleration, wheels that deliver irrepressible grip even on treacherous ground or ones which glow in the dark, you will find the perfect set to make your longboard quick, safe and a joy to ride. The main types of Sector Nine wheels are:

* Nineball Wheels: Perfect for downhill riding, shredding and double kicking

* Butterball Wheels: Relatively wide and center set to offer the best experience in sliding

* Marshmallow Wheels: Offer consistent slide with just the right amount of grip to avoid accidents

* Race Wheel Series: Optimized for maximum speed whether free riding or downhill skating

* Dual Duros Series: Fitted with two duros on a single wheel to minimize deformation on hard turns

Sector 9 Decks
Other than complete longboards, Sector Nine also offers a range of skateboard decks. For every complete longboard available, you can also order the deck as a standalone item. Sector 9 decks are made from multi-ply hardwood varieties such as maple or birch or from bamboo. You can opt for decks with a bit of camber or without, those with flex or not and many other characteristics. All the decks bear the distinctive Sector 9 artwork to guarantee a longboard that looks as good as it performs.

The Bottom Line
Both amateur and professional skateboarders will find the catalog of Sector Nine longboards, parts and accessories comprehensive enough to meet all their needs and inclinations. The company is committed to excellence in design, with their dedicated RD department constantly bringing onboard new technologies to enhance performance of products and guarantee value of money for their customers. If you are not enjoying the superior performance of Sector Nine longboards isn’t it high time you added one of the featured boards to your collection?