best longboard wheels

The wheels are vital part as far as a longboard concerned.There are softer wheels and harder type of wheels in the market for sliding.As we know all longboard wheels are made with urethane and softer wheels have the best grip on any surface than harder wheels.Do you prefer small wheel or tall wheel ? I always use both because former has high aaceleration and slow rolling speed later has opposite reaction.You should be aware that the performance of any longboard wheels based on the hub,lip shape,height,durometer and contact patch.The next factor is color.There is nothing related to color as far as the performance is concerned.But you can select any colours which match with board color. The shape,size and hardness of the wheel are the main factors to be considered always.

Let us look into lip shape,durometer,size,position,width and contact finish.It might be new term for you and we should be aware of the quality of these different combination.Let’s have a detailed look up about wheels and its characteristics.I am also provided some of the good wheels available here to purchase for you today from here.

Lip Shape – This is the edge of the wheel.The shape always be the one factor how it should go and slide,mainly it lets to slide properly.There are mainly 4 types of Lip available.These are Acute angled Lip,Square Lip,Beveled Lip,Rounded Lip.

Let’s have a detailed look on wheel ranges and what performance they are provided. 70-75,66-69,60-65 mm wheels features are discussed here. Longboard wheels are designed for different boarding styles.You can decide which wheels are apt for you from our website.

Large Decks(70-75mm wheels)
There are mainly two brands in this category

1.ABec (Abec 11 flashbacks)

Abec 11 was founded by Chris chaput.
Abec 11 flashbacks are the best longboard wheels.There are so many types of wheels from the same brand such as Abec 11 Grippins, Abec 11 Classic Centrax etc are some of them.Why recommend flashback because it has everything which satisfies every riders.The wheel is light wieght. It has side set core.So you feel more comfortable on this.It has also low durometer which gives more softness.Very easy to slide because it doesn’t apply much pressure on contact patch.

Are you new to longboard ? Well,This is the best choice to pick up and We highily recommend these wheels. These are timeless wheels which satisfies all kind of people all over the world.You get grip and predictable slip when you want.Start longboard riding today with these super wheels!!!!!!!!!

2. Orangatang

This is the another choice for longer boards. Orangatang is one of the good name in this area.

Want wild and sticky action ?

It has advanced control over the board and giving you easier sliding movements than average sliding wheel but not the best.This is the best for sliding to some extend.The Orangatang In Heats wheels are good for speed.

Quick note – Sharp edge,thick lips for maintain its grip.This will not be the perfect sliding brand but of course you can get one from Durian Freeride wheels.Best choice for downhill racers.

Medium deck (65-70 mm)
For easy acceleration you can choose the following 2 wheels.

Abec 11 Grippins 70mm
It is also known as Slippins by downhill riders.

This is good for common transportation,aggressive downhill riding and cruising around city.There are variety of wheels available for this category.Here is the some of the important specification you need to check out.It has 70mm diameter,helps low to the ground level. There are 70mm,75a,78a and 81a models are available.its contact patch is 50.5mm and bearing seat is at center.It use Urethane.You get a perfect traction from this wheels.The beauty is its center bearing allows you to invert wheels very well and you can enjoy the riding on this.As I have mentioned it is available in different size but I recommend 70mm as wheel size for good sliding.

FInal verdict
if you ride topmount, get the grippins today.(Carving equals Grippins)

Sector 9 Butterball

This type of wheels are 80a durometer and gives super slip.If you are looking for thane lines behind this is for you.The price is affordable to every one.I am giving following marks for this .This is the best example for Edge wheels.This comes under rounded category.You can find more details below about different Edge.
Sliding – 9/10
Cruising – 5/10
Downhill – 8/10
Push – 4/10
Freeride – 8.5/10

Shorter deck
Abec 11 Zigzags 66mm 80a

These are the most recognized longboards.As the heading suggest its diameter is 66mm and width is 51mm.its durometers are avilable in 86a,83a,80a and 78a.This comes under Slalom,carving and Crusing.In nutshell best for all levels.We suggest you to buy hard durometer wheels for sliding.

Seismic Cry Baby 64mm 88a

This offer smooth and predictable slides on road.This is super blast wheel.You can find more details by going throgh the link here.

Edges is another important factor for longboard wheels.There are 3 types of edges.
Rounded edge,Beveled edge and Squared edge.

Rounded edge – The rounded edges are used mostly for sliding.It has less contact patch so it helps to reduce the grip.
Beveled edge – it has more grip than rounded edge.
Squared edge – This type of wheel allows 90 degree angle for corners and Good for downhill and craving.

You can easily understand from above guide Square edges helps to maintain traction while you are riding.In nutshell Square is basic I can say if you are looking for grip it is the best one.If you want to drift you can buy Rounded edge.

Based on the above discussion,We recommend some of the best squared and Rounded wheels here

Volante Serrata 72mm 80a Longboard –

Good for speed.This has large vented core .Core is lightweight and very supportive

Overall I would say you should consider about the quality of urethane on wheels using by the board.