best longboard trucks

Some of the well known longboard trucks brands are Randall R-11 Longboard Trucks, Paris Raw Trucks, Paris V2 Raw Longboard Trucks and Gullwing  Sidewinder 2 trucks. Each trucks vary in angle and length. A very high quality trucks helps to control the speed and direction of the board very well. I am always interested to check out new items and devices irrespective of technology.I hope you are also among in my age group.Today I am going to introduce a new kind of longboard truck before you.You may have experienced with different trucks in your life. Longboard trucks are good for downhill,carving,freeride and sliding. I know that you are also interested to test new trucks but you are not getting the exact outcome from each trucks.Nothing to worry,We are here to choose the best longboard truck in the industry and also you are going to get good longboard trucks in your hand.

Randall Trucks

Randall Trucks is made from USA and its an industry leader in longboard trucks.These trucks are made of Virgin Grade Aluminum which helps us very well. The angle turn is 50 degree. These trucks works well with any bigger boards and wheels that is a good news. Just look at some of the good features below. You can’t go wrong with Randall.

1. The trucks has been made for carving
2. Virgin grade aluminum
3. Lifetime Guarantee
4. 100% USA Made
5. The truck has the capacity to maintain stability at higher speeds.
6. Best trucks for downhill longboarding.

Gullwing  Sidewinder 2 trucks

As the heading suggest,we are going to discuss about Gullwing  Sidewinder trucks.Many of them are not giving proper attention to this model.let us know why this is popular and what are the features its going to provide in longboard ride. As soon as you see the item you yourself say you have got an amazing item in hand.You might have feel you are holding a small item inside your hand.let’s see the features below.

What are the features its having to become an out of box ?

1. Its a double kingpin carving Truck.
2. Its provide sleeker design & customized version of base late.
3.This gives standard truck mounts.

As I told its a kingpin truck what does it mean ? Its a metal rod which connects to the base plate of the trucks.When you lean on longboard at turn,it gives us the possibility to turn,basically it helps the truck to turn otherwise it goes straight and we don’t feel the smoothness on the road unless we are an expert on road.
One of the great features I have seen is that this one is taller than a normal also helps to lean our body on the truck according to the movement of the truck.This is the special advantage I have seen on this type of trucks.Not only this but also this trucks having 2 pivot points so we could lean farther.I can say you are getting a comfortable ride during this time.

Cruising Trucks : How to choose a longboard trucks for Cruising ?

As you know choosing longboard skateboard decks is crucial as its help to turn as well as properly stand on the board. If you are a beginner to longboard, it will be easy to find which trucks is suitable to me. You should choose the trucks which are closest to the width of your deck. This also helps to choose the best wheels for your longboard. But if not possible, You have to choose these two types of width. They ranges from 150mm and 180mm. Keep in mind Skinnier Decks and Wider decks and choose the decks accordingly. Another 2 important trucks are Standard and Reverse Kingpin Trucks. If you are downhill rider, you can choose Reverse Kingpin Trucks and Most of the street riders prefer standard Kingpin Trucks. I recommend standard Kingpin Trucks for cruising.

Freeride Trucks : How to choose a longboard trucks for Freeride ?

Trucks are part of longboards and as you have already seen that the width are essential for picking up right trucks. You should look for a truck which is having 10″ or 180mm. Some time there is a minor change is also acceptable for choosing trucks.There are two types of Baseplate. They are higher and lower Baseplate. Some of the Free-riders prefer lower baseplate (40-45°) for a good stability and if you prefer aggressive turn higher baseplate (50-52°) is required.I advise you pick Reverse Kingpin longboard Trucks for freeride.

Downhill Trucks : How to choose a longboard trucks for Downhill ?

Over the years longboard companies are making good downhill longboards and also good component for downhill longboards. Let’s see how to choose Downhill trucks. You should be aware of Truck width, design, Baseplate and Kingpin. I have given below in details what all these meant for.There are 2 types you can choose. Either high degree trucks or lower. For downhill, You should choose high degree trucks. Truck width is 180mm is required as freeride.

What are the Components of a Longboard Truck

1. Baseplate – connects to longboard deck
2. Kingpin – connects entire board
3. Bushings – Helping riders very well
4. Hanger – T shaped aluminum
5. Risers – increase Shock resistance Shock resistance

Baseplate : As you know this is a flat one and it can be seen as connected to each longboard decks. There are chances to break the trucks but good news is most of the time these are replaceable. You can see that the truck is mounted in 4 to 6 holes.
Kingpin : Its a large bolt and connects entire board together.
Bushings : Every board has 2 bushings and they have been designed to help each riders and the way the rider moves in longboards, these helps the trucks very well. Normally bushing comes in hardness.
Hanger : A T shaped alloy which is made from aluminum and this is attached with wheels. Make sure that the hanger is made with good material.
Risers : This can be seen in between Baseplate and deck. This component increase its shock resistance