best longboard helmet

Longboard is one of the board type in skateboard and those who are using is at grater risk for injuries.Safety is a Major issue in Longboarding sport event.Longboard ride is One of the best outdoor riding game but its a risky game.Even though you are an experienced rider or a beginner to longboarding, You require safety equipment’s such as helmets in your board journey.

Its something like an essential part along with your body in your drive even though you have a
perfect control on the board.I would advice always you give priority to safety.”Prevention is better than cure”.Remember to wear helmets now on-wards for long life in your ride.Many of
them doesn’t like to wear helmets during longboard ride.But you have to understand that its a normal thing and majority of riders prefer helmets so I would say you also should follow
them and wear helmet which is going to fit in your head.Its always cheaper than your hospital bills. You need a helmet when standing on the longboard. you should always wear when doing downhill,crusing or at turn.Always there is a chance to lost your control even if you use a good longboard.Here we are dealing with some perfect helmets which is going to save you from injuries.

Which longboard helmets you are going to choose ?

You may or may not be used helmets.I am sure you are here for some thing different and  looking for quality brands in the market.Yes, you are in the right track.There are different types of helmets.Some of the brands made for campus riding and others are downhill racing,casual ride etc.
Look at the below chart and in details report of top brands helmets.
Look at the some tips before choosing longboard helmts

Wear a quality helmet when you are riding.
Always tighten your strap.
Always wear a branded one.
Check for any issues in helmet before you ride.

Triple 8 T8-Racer

This is the great helmet which is made for downhill .Its able to manage the speed.Its having uncompromising quality and fit when you are driving on the board.My readers should understand the various usage of this all in one helmets.Good for downhill mountain bike racing,for cyclists,skateboards and roller skates.It meets CPSC 1203 bike and ASTM F1952 standard for all the above purpose that is the main advantage tends me to introduce before you about this product.Look at the additional certificate which is having.

The main features are hand laid fiberglass,shatter resistant,Aerodynamic helps wind resistance,velvet lining,Each comes up with extra pad to fit properly on your head.please measure circumference of your head before choose the size. You can choose s/m for 55-68 cm & L/XL 59-62 cm
It has come up with various colors such as white ,Black,Red,Blue & black Racer.You can watch the video here.


In nutshell, a great helmet with good face protection, light weight and good visibility at any condition.A small issue has been reported when fogging but not a big issue. The only disadvantage is it doesn’t have passive ventilation.
Incase you are looking for Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber model Have a look here.The advantage is its very cheap compared to Triple 8 – Racer.

Predator DH6 – Longboard Helmet

Another great helmet which is designed for downhill skateboarding.It is the first option for many amateur and professional gives best light weight protection and cool looking.You can see some similarities when you compare dH6 and T8-Racer helmets.This is the first ever helmet which is made only for downhill.It doesn’t belong to paragliding helmet category.So much safety is provided by DH6.This has been in the market for years.

The main features are aerodynamic full face protection, simple lines, large visibility through window.It has double D-ring chin-strap closure provides maximum safety.It has guard vent along with a internal ventilation hole helps you to become cool and helps you to reduces fog.Great helmet for skateboard riders and bicycles.It comes at XS-L ( from 53cm to 61cm).The box contains tinted visor and a fleence lined carry bag and also there are variety of colors you can get such as Gloss white,Gloss red,Gloss Rasta, Matte black with orange and grey stripe,Zen Shikaze Pro.Compared to T8 I can say this provides much safety.As I have mentioned early you should consider this fact.Not only security but other cool features of this.

Giro Remedy Helmet

This is not for Longboarding but compared to previous two brands this is cheaper than any other products.I have seen lot of riders use this for downhill activities.This has been worn by millions of riders around the world.It has cutting edge styles that every one going to love,good level of performance,light weight, bolt on visor.You can wash interior lining.It has replacement pads. I would say this is one of the affordable helmet in the industry and it provides full face protection.
Pro-tec Ace Skate Helmet

It is the best helmets mostly recognized by many on the road.It come up with 2 stage foam which gives extra protection.A cutting edge helmet which has two foams.What I have seen with this ,when your head bumps its alway come to its orginal position.Its good to use in hot days.You can find more details here
Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet
which is developed for youth safety in mind for skating and biking.It provides seventeen top and best side vents for a cool head on these hot days. Its padding is secure and comfortable.The ABS Shell is a durable and more impact.Head sizes 21.5 to 23 inches and for ages 8 to 14;