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Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard--414JEqVb6ML._SX425_
Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

longboardride..com_ Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch)
Atom Drop-Through Longboard

Atom Pintail Longboard

Atom Pintail Longboard


Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard
Yocaher Professional Longboard


What is the best longboard for beginners ? Are you a longboard enthusiast or just starting out to longboards  ?. Before going into further discussions, You need to understand that longboard are stable than skateboards but longboards are heavier than later.Every longboard rider must have following items before jump into the riding. As a beginner, You should not start the riding without longboard helmet, longboarding flip flops or shoes and gloves. These are very essential for your security.The second general concern is whether you are left or right foot.How can you identify this ? which foot is dominant ? Ask yourself following questions Which step forward ? Left or Right ? If you are left then you are ‘Regular’ and If it’s Right then ‘Goofy’. I have also given a best cheap longboards section and I have given more information about longboard and you can always use that post as a buying guide.

I will be giving some good suggestion through this page for getting longboards for beginners.Keep reading below valuable points.How a typical longboard looks and what are its made of ? Let us have a small discussion about this.Every longboard have Deck,Wheels,Trucks,Bearings,Bearing spacers,nuts,washers and bolts.Try to learn basics from a mini longboard and then move to a longboard will be always better. The Another important section is what is your weight. This has a good role in selecting your board.

check my Top 5 valuable points.

1.Buy from Reputable Merchant. Get from here to get best longboard for beginners.(AmaZon)
2.Try to get best safety Equipment.
3.You should know how to control speed.
4.You should have proper practice.
5.Learn longboard Mechanics.

Get some of the best longboard for beginners from below table and let’s check them here how good each one.I have compiled Top 5 longboard for beginners and you can find this from below table.You have to look out for budget,board and quality to get good choice. If you are adult beginner then you have to look into major longboard brands such as sector 9,Landyachtz and Arbor. You can buy quality of longboard board from these guys because all the components are made with high quality.The below guide is for beginners in longboarding sport.

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

A great board young riders and beginners. This has been widely accepted best longboard for beginners.This has plied maple and its well known for its strength and its flexibility. This has been released with seven inch trucks which is built with aluminium giving you a comfortable ride on the deck.the look and feel is great for this board. This has 44 by 10 by 5.5 inches deck dimension and has been created for downhill and cruising ride.This flexible board is known also as bamboo board.

Atom Drop-Through Longboard

This is a “down 2 earth” model.This provides maximum stability and this feature allows this as a good option for downhill lovers. You can easily push forward and do the rising in Campus/Town etc. The unique shape is attracted by every riders and provides a controlled turn always.The deck has been made of maple laminate and it has 245mm axles.I like all the features of this board and one of the best feature is Reverse Kingpin trucks.This has been supported by ABEC biltin bearings. ABEC 9 bearings are widely accepted now a days and I am happy to know about this and that is the main reason I have included this product here and all the users have good reviews on this. Read this post about biltin bearings

Atom Pintail Longboard

This is an affordable version from Atom that is why I have decided to include in my post and also this is a great board for beginners.This also comes with Maple laminated deck and it’s a good feature for beginners.The decks are very strong and durable.This can be easily adjusted with the climate changes and getting less damage while you rode on the board. This also built with ABEc five bearings.I always love ABEC because I have noticed that this type of board is good and giving good amount of security and speed.If you have any experience in longboard prior to come this page I would advise go for Atom’s longboard pin tail longboard . This is also good for those who are from skateboard area and have never tried longboard as of today.The above two products from Atom are good example of drop-through model.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down.

This is a professional longboard rider.this is great board for your valuable money.I suggest this to every new comers to this sport and I am sure you will love this board.One of the problem I have seen here on this board is, its bushes are not great. It has 8.2 pounds. This has an excellent grip and ABEC 7 bearings.The hardness level from wheel is measured as 78A. This comes with Canadian Maple so its very stable and ensure safety in outside

Which gear I should buy and what others looking for?

This is a common question for longboard beginners. What type and which companies having best option.By the way, you can also opt for secondhand longboard and can save some money but keep in mind that the quality is not much as good as original board because this has been used for some rides. If you are very particular you can contact skateboard companies and they can help you to choose best one from the factory. I recommend this to beginners and starting professionals.Just check out if they have blemished longboard available in store. Many of them now a days have online store and Facebook groups. You can easily get in touch with them.

If you want to get real experience and joy then I highly recommend you go for a firsthand and get a freeride shape.Basically its looks like a concave and best board to learn riding and its having different styles from Downhill to dancing.Another one is Drop through boards and its giving a lower center of gravity as its lower to the ground.For beginners its easy to push. You can easily find these kind of longboards as its very longer and long wheelbases.
All Top Mount boards can be used for quick turns. You can find some of the best top mount and lower boards from the below table.The other part is Trucks.I advise you go for 48-50 degree Trucks. You will get good turn.You will have to check for lower angle trucks for getting good speed. Always buy at least two trucks from the store if you have decided to choose this.You can find some of the best Trucks from the below table.

Another essential part is wheel. I have already given a good post about longboard wheels here.Click the below link to get more information.The last one is bearings which helps your wheels keep spinning.Check out the post here.You have already seen about trucks part. There is a rule in skateboard. If you are from skateboard you can see that the truck shouldn’t be wider than decks. Its a general rule in skateboarding But there is no such rule when you come to longboard section.


Before ending this section, let me remember you that the type of longboarding have major role in the selection of best longboard. Because a longboard shape and style always depends on its type. I would say that you just start your longboarding journey today and you can do anything on the board.Its up to you what you should do and the limiting area is your imagination.