best drop down longboards

what are the best drop down longboards ?

Well,You heard about different types of longboards. This style of deck’s popularity is being increased day by day in longboard community.If you have heard about drop through ,both are having same benefits .I can say almost similar.The lower foot part gives us more stable ride and also this helps to lock your foot onto the board. Check out Below table to pick up Top 3 drop down longboard.

Let’s check some of the Pros and cons below


1.Good for Downhill,Cruising and freeride.
2.Balance and stability is good
3.Good for beginners and Experts.
4.Helps to lower the center of gravity.
5.Initial sliding and pushing comfortable.Simple enough.

1.Less responsive to turning and naturally these are heavier than other long boards.
2.You need to force a small effort to make turns.
3.Not an option for off roading.

Have you heard about “double-drop” board.Which provides both drop thru and drop down pattern.I have given you some basic idea about drop down and how it acts generally and its given for beginners to get familiarity with these style of decks.You can see different comparison chart and detailed analysis below to pick up the best one in the market.

YOCAHER professional Speed Drop Down

One of the best class drop down board from YOCAHER. it has a concave shape ,measures it as 8″ X 40″. These are placed just higher than our standing position thus a good stability and
speed.It has high grade. ABEC 7 bearings,alloy trucks are equipped. It.It is goo for Crusing,carving and downhiling. it has hard Maple and can hold up to 274 LBS.This decks sits low to the ground for getting best control while don’t feel you are riding in this great skate board.

It come up with grip tape which is already placed on the board in-case if you are looking for extra grip tape you will have to buy from here.I have heard that bearing are not good,it depends  on the person experience in case you are looking for best bearings we have detailed information.Its available in so many color such as San Francisco,Beach,Black,Black Digital
Wave,Blue,surfer,White digital Wave,Ying Yang,YsKull,Natural surfer,Smite,Red,Purple and Natural.

In my part its having great quality.less price,good for every riders because its a professional board, it’s really fast and smooth.You may feel a bit loose in the beginning bit after one or two ride you feel like a great longboard in your hand from a great company.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Atom boards developed by MBS. Its founded in 1993.MBS providing best sport items of its riders.This is yet another cool longboard from Atom.This is an ultra low longboard and gives
maximum stability.The are of pushing the longboard get us an easy ride in towns.It has full Maple laminate deck so high capacity ensures on the board.It has 245mm axles.You are
getting 1 year warranty.An amazing shape of this have 9.6″ of leverage into each turn.It has 41.7 x 4.7 x 10.6″ dimension.
Every box contains following items

Maple laminated Deck.
245 mm Axle.
80s grip tape.
Abec 9 bearings.
High speed lubricant.

It is symmetrical and its design totally removing the possibility of wheel bite. This is the best choice for downhill and perfect for long distance riding.As I have mentioned early it has the ability to reduce the wheel bite.I am sure you will get the fell of the speed and movement of longboarding. These features helps to become more popular this in riding community.


I have heard people complaining about sound while turning but they have fixed the issue by giving oil.