best longboard brands

Everyone have their own taste to choose the best longboard brands, but all are not able to get good longboards in their hand. So I thought of making this ultimate resource for helping out people through detailed analysis and reviews from top longboards in the market.You can buy longboards from below list and these longboards sellers got best rating in 2016. I’m an outdoor enthusiast  and a longboard lover, providing some good tips for you. This list has been created on real ratings from longboard lovers .Check for special list below this bundle package.

PictureLongboard CompanyReviewsPrice

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Quest Brands

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Loaded Brands

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Famous Riviera

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Atom Longboard brands

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sector 9(nine) longboard brand

This is the best longboard in all other longboard brands.They have the best art to create unique style. Sector nine has been in longboard industry for the last 16 years and were able to get good position with in months.All market surveys pointed out that all customers,retailers and whole sale shops recommends sector nine is the worlds best longboard brands.Every one likes their technical support and design which enables them good ride and able to score first position.No one was able to imitate their style,size,performance and quality so far.This is the main reason they were able to get first position in market and this is why we have chosen sector 9 is the best longboard brands in our site. If you have decided to buy longboard today, go and purchase  before the stock going empty. You can rely on this board with out any doubt.There are other inexpensive longboards available here. Check out our store today if you have enough budget. Yes, the price is little bit high compared to other boards but if you are looking for best quality and security grab sector nine today.

Quest Longboards
Quest is the another longboard which shows remarkable gain in recent years. They were not in the first three position since 2011 but so many customers recommended Quest has the best longboard. They were having some technical issues on board in 2011 but they have changed their styles and other performance issues and gained good position in 2015. They are keep on trying to improve their style, speed and design by contacting each customers and their customer relation ship is amazing. I like the color they are producing to longboard market.I am sure that there is a chance to come in first place in next year.

Loaded longboards
The company started in mid 1990’s and initially they were into creating trucks and wheels. By 2000, They started to create longboards. Loaded Vanguard was the first product they created and continues to be the best brands in longboard section. This enables them as a best seller in longboard brands.They are the best for friendly and high performance boards. These guys are keep on creating longboard ducks compared to sector 9 brand.I hope you have heard about Orangatang. This is their offshoot product and focus on creating good quality wheels. This is one of the best brands for beginners. Bhangra,Tan Tien Flex 2 and Dervish Sama are the most popular brands from this seller.

Famous Riviera Longboards.

If you are looking for most beautiful longboard design then Famous Riviera is the only option.The original company founded by a group of skaters.They are famous for conducting events and sponsoring riders.They have all type of longboards which you have seen above.Drop-Thru,La Rana nd Gemimi are the most popular longboards in this section.The very important matter is they have friendly and budget longboards and you can purchase best quality boards for reasonable price.In 2014, they given downhill boards to longboard market. This gives great experience for all downhill lovers.

Arbor Longboards.

Arboor started in 1995 and initially they were focused on creating snowboards but by 1998 they started to develop longboard and skateboards. They were able to produce creative longboards into the market for the last few years. Check some of the most selling products of Arbor here.Fish Bamboo Longboard – Arbor,Arbor Fish Koa Complete Longboard and Arbor Axis Walnut Complete Longboard are the top 3 best longboards.

Long boarding is similar to skateboarding and it is used for street surfing.It is very important to buy the best longboards in the market.Here we will help you what to look for in long-boarding selection.You might be thinking why We should have a buying guide and what is the importance of reading this resource for longboarding. In simple words,My answer is,Its very important to have quality product which make sure your safety on board.I will also tell you complete ideas and tips by using this website.We are sure that this information will improve your long boarding experience.
How to choose longboards

There are 4 four sections is very important for choosing the right longboard setup.Here,we will be giving a series of advice to choose the best product in the market and it helps you to take a proper decision before buying a longboard.

Here is the said four section

1.Identify your Skill level and riding style on board
2.Board Shapes
3.Deck styles
SKill level
These are the main types of longboarding. Crusing,freestyle and downhill.If you are new and beginner to longboarding game,you need cruising board.Well,If you are looking for some more tricks on skate,you need a dancing deck which is capable of freestyle.If you are a person who is giving more importance to speed or looking for spin type,I would suggest you should have free-ride or downhill longboard in your arsenal. This is the basic level you need to identify before buying a longboard. Once you have identified your skill level you need to think about the different shapes of longboards and how it should be looked.

Board shapes

You are looking to buy a longboard but confused with which one suits for you and what is the best shape good for me.The basic shapes which are available in the market are Regular shape boards and Pintails. The former one is designed for transportation and later one are good for both transportation and racing.

There are different shapes are available in the market in longboard section

Free Riding
Speed Boarding
Sliding decks

If you are a beginner and looking for the best shape you get more details here.
Landyachtz Drop Carve & sector 9 j-bay complete longboard

Important factors you need to know about a Longboard

If you have no idea about a long board then it will be difficult to evaluate which is the good one in the industry.You should be aware of good decks,good wheels,helmets,shoes,bearings,oil,downhill tricks,dancing and
who is the top giant in the market and what others saying about each and every boards.I do remember most of the people got in confusion what kind of boards I should buy. whether its a longboard or skateboard.You should not compare longboard and skateboard,Skate board is for skating purpose.

I would like to give a very good introduction to both here so that you can avoid confusion 100% sure. Skateboard is for pool skating and street purpose because its curved area helps to pull out tricks.You might be heard about kick flip.yes,this can be possible only with skateboard.That is why I told many of them misunderstood both boards.It doesn’t mean you can’t do tricks in longboards it’s also possible just in a different way.So longboard is not for kick can use it more than that.Some of the longboard tricking are cross stepping. Longboard for cruising. They are capable for producing good speed.The wheels and bushings of a longboard giving more comfort than a skateboard.

Some General advantage of using Longboard.
We all are busy with daily stuff and we forgot to take exercise every day.To keep the body fit, we  need to do proper exercise.Well As you are aware of longboard and going to use this soon,you do not worry about daily exercise. Longboard activity is a good healthy workout.

You can use Longboard in lonely place ,crowded area,busy street.You are able to control and increase its speed at every point of time on longboard. What I am trying to tell here,In another way longboard activity helps your mind and eyes point to a single object in front of you and helps sharpen your memory and thoughts without you are knowing,yes it improves your IQ.Knowingly or unknowingly your body gets these advantages.

What you should know about different Types of longboards ?

There are so many boards available in the market but all boards are chosen based on their budget(price),types,materials,shape,weight and length.You also should consider about ability level, riding style, deck styles, Manufacture, Concave or not, Durability, Tail and nose, what are the features of different longboard brands,longboard wheels and bearings and how the board has been constructed.Don’t forget about longboard Gear such as helmet, pads, gloves etc.Well, I know that It will take lot of time to do proper research on each items. If you are looking for good longboard and you also need durability, these points are very essential. That is the main reason I have build up a nice table and given best cheap longboards list above. You don’t need to worry about anything, You can buy the item based on the discount price and reviews. I hope the above table is very useful for every one. I am sure now you have found and aware of proper longboard characteristics from our longboard site.

Well you have now a very good basic idea about longboard characteristics. If you need more info in detail check below. Know about length, Ability level, Riding, Deck styles, Board shape, Board flex, construction, colors, Assembled or not & other features

There are 4 sections you should focus. All professional longboard available in

  • Micro – for 5-12 years kids
  • Mini – Also for 5-12
  • Medium size – above 12
  • Full size longboard – Any one can choose except kids under 12.

Ability level
What is my ability level ? Have you ever asked this question ? Well, Please understand that there are different longboards available for each level. This makes more fun and getting a good riding experience on board.Check below section for more information and our site which one is good for you.

Riding style & Deck Style
There are different riding styles in longboard riding.Are you looking to do tricks in busy city or in your campus. Different boards can do all these tricks.

You have already done this kind of style because if you are just starting into longboard ride, you might have tried this style in your friends board. This is mostly done in sloped surface and you might have done long distance push on ground and board.Its just for street not for hills.This is the most popular  type of riding.

How fast you can ride down hills by keeping your longboard under control. Usually these board are ranges from 90-110 cm ( from 35″ to 44″). There are 6 section in downhill.These are directional board but not every board you can learn from below section about shapes.

  • Top Mount – It has most traction and good for intermediate riders.
  • Double Drop – These are not popular now a days. They are not responsive on ground.
  • Drop through – Base plates of trucks are top of the board and trucks can be seen through hole.Its for beginners.
  • Drop Deck – These are very close to surface and you may feel that you are on ground.
  • Micro Drop – An all around board.
  • Flush Mount. – It has lower ride height.

You should be aware that downhill board has been made of woods in most cases and most of the riders use reverse kingpin trucks.Downhill boards are made of Maple, Baltic Birch and Bamboo woods.You have got a basic idea about downhill decks here. If you are looking for downhill wheels, bearings visit my page here. so that you will get a complete idea about downhill style.

Speed is not a big concern and you can do slide tricks along with wheels and can move forward.In nutshell, its good for sliding in hills. If you would like to go fast with sliding, yes, You can choose free-riding board.

You can do some creative style tricks and riding on these kind of long boards.Its a combination of downhill and freestyle riding.It has maximum of 42″. Its not that much length.The industry experts advise that we should choose drop thru longboards. As I have mentioned above it is shorter. This type of riding is  good for beginners.

You have learned 4 different styles of riding you need on board. I just mentioned here to understand these concepts.

Board Shapes
There are two types of board shapes are available on the market. Both are for beginners as well as for expert level and both are friendly shapes to riders.


Directional – These are for one direction. Its going forward only.Pin Tail is the most famous longboard in this section.As I have mentioned early most downhill and freestyle boards comes into this category.

Twin – It can be used in both ways. Mainly used in freer ding & freestyle section.I can say 180 degree sliding is possible on this Symmetrical shape board.

Board Features based on shape

You have already seen about board shapes and let’s look into its features. These include concave,wheel cut outs and kick tails.

Kick tail
This can bee seen on regular longboards and skateboards.Have you ever thought how we can do tricks on board and which component allows us to do this. Kick tails is the key component and it allows to lift the one end of board and also helps to do quick turns. We just saw about board shape. Kick tail can be seen in every board if its directional it can be seen only in front but if the board has the capacity to move both ends Kick tail exist on both sides of longboard.

Wheel Cut-Outs
I have felt many times this has been given for security purpose. Why ? You can see two wheel wells or wheel cut outs on longboards. When you turn a corner your wheel might have a contact with board and this may tends to thrown off our board.So this will help our boards to turn in smoothly and at the same time will allow wheels to contact with boards.

Concave & W-Concave
Have you ever noticed the edges of the board ? These edges are higher than board center. So when you stand on the board you get more area and more grip.I advise to use these kind of boards. There is a one more shape in concave which is known as W-Concave.It has more grip than normal concave shape boards.Note that these kind of board are expensive and will not be available in cheap longboards. You can see these W-concave in downhill and freeride boards. If you have enough budget you can try this and you will get a different experience on longboard.

Board Construction and Flex.
All the cheap longboards have been constructed by single/multiple thin sheets.It’s also known as veneers.These are stacked on top of every cheap boards according to the longboard shape.The general concept is if the companies use more sheets the board will be more heavier and stiffer.

The another one is Bamboo laminates. This also has good popularity among longboard
world and can be used for lightweight boards.

The next one is the last in board construction section. it is carbon fiber. we have already seen laminates and veneers.Carbon fibers are expensive compared to above two. Even though its expensive boards are stiffer and lighter.

Board flex and benefits
You should be aware of which type of flex is best in each riding.There are 3 types of Flex.

Soft – Best shock absorption and Excellent for cruising
Medium – It also have good absorption and this has the ability to maintain board speed. Goof for commuting and cruising.
Stiff – This is the most stable one to control speed.This is best for downhill and freeriding.

Longboard Trucks
The main parts are Base-plates, Hangers and Bushings.You have to understand that longboard Trucks are different from normal skateboard. Longboard Trucks are used to get more side movement and this helps to give us better speed and able to control our longboard properly.

All the cheap longboards in our table has been listed based on above quality and features.I have excluded expensive longboards form the list.These are longboards which are hidden from most of the beginners and professionals. You also should have proper understanding about wheels,bearings of longboard. There are 2 types of wheels. Round and square one. As I have already mentioned in other post I don’t give much details here.In nutshell, I just want to tell you size,hardness and width are important for each wheel brands.In my part both custom wheels and ready made ones are good.Well I have a question here.Do you choose small longboards or big boards. If you are a beginner, I advise to go ahead with small board since this provides you more control, more tricks and good speed.

I have given a small capsules of longboard class room theory in this post. I am 100% confident that you are now aware of longboards and what kind of longboard you should choose for your taste.


It’s always difficult to get best cheap longboards and You will have to do so many researches to get most approved boards. Here, I have given top ten good longboards which is from different levels and for many purpose. I have tried my level best to provide all details. You can get more information from above links and list. These are the best cheap longboards for beginners as well as professionals. I wish you may get lot of fun and good ride on longboard.